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Puppies puppies!

Heey! Having a great day today at grace’s. we made macaroni schotel.yesterday I made garlic bread and oatmeal cookies with cley and cli.oh ya, I’m SUPER SUPER HAPPPY¬† :D , I have one week free from school,holidaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! cause our school have this final examination thingies for our senior. so,still remember about my post 2 years ago? about my golden puppies? (click here if you forgot :P ) I never post anything about them right? so now,as I remember,pictures of my precious babies!

golden 1st baby!


URGHH <3 <3

“eat me” LOL :P




my cutie :*

crumpehh :) )

barney..I miss you :(


golden watchin snow buddies :P

Oh ya and their names! forgot to mention that too :p,golden babies :






A-B-C-D.My mom gave dumbo to golden husband owner,and barney,my mom sold her..It’s a sad story :( well never mind,I LOVE THEM ALL,hope you like the photos :D

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Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

heyy,how are you guys?sorry I didn’t write like for a month,school makes me busy and tired :( .well, below are some pictures that I took.and I just wanna say that,I really enjoyed the every second of my life in 2011.Good things happened.well not always everyday,but for every “little” problem,God always gave me the way out,amazing isn’t it? have a nice day guys,god bless :D


Lego City

Art class (by me!)


Pancake chocolate Ice cream (cooking class)

I’m in love with mitch albom’s books! I’ve read for one more day and the five people you meet in heaven.

Skies,on my way to school.

wanna know my fave food ever? I never get bored eating this,chicken egg roll <3

that’s all for now,talkin to ya later.

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Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

heey.I know i know its kinda late to say merry christmas!so sorry, i dk why but I’m kinda lazy to post something,so now,merry christmas to you,and happy new year!I hope 2011 will full of good things,please be nice to me 2011!!

School is on,God has answered all of my prayer.I have science class,I’m in the same class with all of my friends,this class just awesome! we also use this special program,so I can take subject that I like.for this semester I take science subjects like physics,chemistry,and biology. I also have ART CLASS YEAY,cooking class,computer class,I thinks thats all,I forget huf. cool isnt it? for subjects that I didn’t take,free time!

well,life is good,enjoy the little things,bye!

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Birthday party

hey! today I had my birthday party! really had a great time,all my friends came. I think I know why I’m not excited on my friends did not come to see feels so terrible and lonely with no friends imagine that! aaa that’s what friends are for right? hahaha..oh ya they also gave me a wonderful presents!

well happy birthday to me again,I love my friendss :D

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December 12

hey today is my birthday,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEE! nothing special today,really. I just woke up,checked my phone,went to church,got home,had a lunch,went to sleep.where’s my birthday spiritt?!

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Childhood Cartoon

heey,you know tomorrow is my birthday! usually I get nervous and over-excited everytime it’s near my birthday but this year,I’m not even excited,nothing special like “oh tomorrow is my birthday,oh well” ,is this the sign that I’m getting older? they said that when you get older,you feel nothing special again about birthday,is it true?! I really miss the time when I was a kid,birthday is a really special day.I got nervous and over-excited when it’s near my birthday.on my birthday I felt so special,so happy,especially when my mom had a party for me and invited all my friends to come.then I opened all my presents aah so happy for being a kid! talking about childhood,you know that lots of people putting their childhood cartoons as their profpic on facebook for unicef campaign.Then I remember hero,this cartoon,shape my childhood so much,I became an adventurous kid,I even dreamed to be a detective,all day long me and my bestfriend talking,dreaming that someday we will become a great detective,It’s The Adventures of Tintin.My dad bought a complete series of Tintin.I watched it with my bro. I watched it everyday,again and again,never get bored.for years I watched it.I stopped watching it when I’m at junior high I miss it,a lot.well,thanks for unicef,you’ve reminded me one of¬† many wonderful memories of my childhood.

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Bugsy's blog!


kira-kira minggu lalu,gue sempet menghasut temen smp gue buat bikin blog dan yap! hasutan gue berhasil.dia bikin blog juga dan dia telah mengisinya dgn postingan yg kebanyakan berisi curhatan hati nya HAHA! boleh dibaca,ini merupakan postingan favorit gue yang menurut gue sedikit tolol tapi tetap romantis hehehehe klik aja disini. lumayan lah temen gue yang satu ini bikin blog jadi gue nge stalkerin hidupnya lebih gampang plus humor harian-lah hehehe.buat orang yang kenal dia pasti lawakan tersendiri,keep up the good work bugs (I mean keep on make me happy bugs hahahaha)

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Beyond Imagination

My dreams:

1.I want to travel all around the world,each places on earth.

my dad gave me this package called “world explorer” on my arghh great I forget..maybe on my 9th or 10th birthday.Inside this package there are puzzles,quizzes,Information book,activity book,poster,stickers and postcards.I love this package so much.on that time I also love to collect postcard (actually until now) with many different pictures and from all around the world.Well If you go somewhere you could bring me a postcard,I’ll be very very happy :D

2.I want to live in a tree house,I want to have my own tree house.

Many years ago,as a child,my biggest dream was to live in a tree house.I always wanted to have my own tree house and it’s sound impossible here,in Indonesia to have your own tree house..I hope,someday I could have my own tree house =)

annd here are some of my drawings:

me and rachel’s work

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.Live the life you have imagined -Henry David Thoreau

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Happy Independence day dear Indonesia!!

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY DEAR INDONESIAA!MERDEKAA! I hope Indonesia could be more better,Success,free from corruption,and be a developed country! all my best wishes for Indonesia!!


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